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About Us

Introducing Nîmes (pronounced Nims); a men’s premium streetwear brand already making waves in the fashion industry. Derived from a city in Southern France; ‘Nîmes’ seemed the perfect choice when it came to naming the brand considering DeNIM is of course the product of jeans. The idea originally stemmed from a keen interest in fashion. Frustrated that existing brands were constantly bringing out new styles, yet never quite replicating how they envisioned the perfect jean; our co-founders decided to take it upon themselves. Tired of shopping in the women’s department for 'skinny' jeans, it soon became apparent other men were also having the same problem. By knowing the exact fit they were after; it didn’t take long before designs had sketched and the jeans were in production. Nîmes first collection of super skinny spray on jeans made their debut in September 2016. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, furthering its outreach with the help of stockists, social media outlets and celebrity endorsements. Operating on a seasonal calendar basis to make sure you're early to the party when it comes to upcoming streetwear trends.